CommunityGIS is a platform for community for a spatial data infrastructure. This consists of frontend described below and backend which is geonode (visit).Primary objective of communitygis is to provide educational platform for learners to learn about spatial information and learn how these modern tools can be used to solve real life problems. As a platform it is for people who range from those who can contribute data (mobile based point data collection to digitization of published maps) to those who can analyse the data to infer useful social knowledge. It is a digital way to collect, aggregate , access , analyse data and finally provide decision support to the community manipulate reality.

Since all source code is published hereby (for frontend) , under GPL, any one can reproduce the technology , without any permission from makerGHAT. The data sources are Census of India and GISE Lab of CSE deptt , IIT Bombay. This website has been created by volunteers and coordinated by www.makerghat.org(visit) This is inspired by ideas as in 'p2p governance' of Bowens(know more) and Third Pillar (click here) of Dr Raghuram Rajan.


All data are collected by volunteers and makerGHAT only provides the technology platform . Errors or omissions in data are not responsibility of makerGHAT. No claims are made for accuracy of the maps data. Users may use the same at THEIR OWN RISK.